Boost Your Body.

Boost Your Body.

Here are my ultimate favorite products to boost my body's energy during the day:

NingXia Nitro - This blend of essential oils and botanical extracts is something I choose instead of the sugary energy drinks you see in stores .

NingXia Red - A superfruit supplement  that energizes, fortifies and replenishes the body and mind.

Multigreens - This supplement has chlorophyll botanicals, choline and amino acids along with rosemary, lemon and melissa essential oils for a green energy boost.

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Clean Beauty Glow

Clean Beauty Glow

This cream is the absolute in luxury.

It makes your skin feel remarkably soft and supple.

The smell is gorgeous with alpine botanicals + essential oils.

You can use this cream both day+ night and on the hands as well.

I fell in love with it the very first time I tried and and you will too!

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Roll It On

Roll It On.

Young Living's Roll Ons are super easy to use with a stainless steel roller ball applicator.

These are perfect for on the go or even if you prefer this easy application.

So many to choose from:

Deep Relief - for sore muscles.

Tranquil - to help you sleep.

Breathe Again - to help support your respiratory system.

RutaVala- to help calm and soothe emotions.

Thieves - to support a healthy immune response.

Valor - to create confidence + courage + grounding emotions.

Stress Away - to use as a gorgeous and uplifting scent.

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Fab. Fit. Fun.

Fab. Fit . Fun.

It is so energizing to work- out to get the blood flowing and start the day.

Some of my must- have Young Living products I love to use both before and after my workout are:

Cool Azul Sports Gel - it is so cooling on the muscles and it gives me that extra boost of energy just from the minty scent.

Cool Azul Pain Cream- Everyone , including me , swears by the awesome Pain Relieving benefits + plant based ingredients! It has natural menthol, green tea extract, mango butter and therapeutic - grade essential oils.

Deep Relief Roll On - Feels super good on my low back before a workout.

Breathe Again Roll On - This is so soothing on the chest before  a workout as it really opens up your sinuses and makes breathing a breeze!

Sacred Frankincense - I love this essential oil before I begin my yoga practice - it is very inspiring and grounding.

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Don't Get Bit

Young Living's Insect Repellent is always in my arsenal of Spring, Summer and Fall products for all outdoor activities.

Using only the most natural ingredients + essential oils , this soothing lotion really protects me from all insect bites. 

There are no synthetic chemicals, no DEET and it is non greasy formula that goes on the skin beautifully.

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