Boost Your Body.

Boost Your Body.

Here are my ultimate favorite products to boost my body's energy during the day:

NingXia Nitro - This blend of essential oils and botanical extracts is something I choose instead of the sugary energy drinks you see in stores .

NingXia Red - A superfruit supplement  that energizes, fortifies and replenishes the body and mind.

Multigreens - This supplement has chlorophyll botanicals, choline and amino acids along with rosemary, lemon and melissa essential oils for a green energy boost.

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Clean Beauty Glow

Clean Beauty Glow

This cream is the absolute in luxury.

It makes your skin feel remarkably soft and supple.

The smell is gorgeous with alpine botanicals + essential oils.

You can use this cream both day+ night and on the hands as well.

I fell in love with it the very first time I tried and and you will too!

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Roll It On

Roll It On.

Young Living's Roll Ons are super easy to use with a stainless steel roller ball applicator.

These are perfect for on the go or even if you prefer this easy application.

So many to choose from:

Deep Relief - for sore muscles.

Tranquil - to help you sleep.

Breathe Again - to help support your respiratory system.

RutaVala- to help calm and soothe emotions.

Thieves - to support a healthy immune response.

Valor - to create confidence + courage + grounding emotions.

Stress Away - to use as a gorgeous and uplifting scent.

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Fab. Fit. Fun.

Fab. Fit . Fun.

It is so energizing to work- out to get the blood flowing and start the day.

Some of my must- have Young Living products I love to use both before and after my workout are:

Cool Azul Sports Gel - it is so cooling on the muscles and it gives me that extra boost of energy just from the minty scent.

Cool Azul Pain Cream- Everyone , including me , swears by the awesome Pain Relieving benefits + plant based ingredients! It has natural menthol, green tea extract, mango butter and therapeutic - grade essential oils.

Deep Relief Roll On - Feels super good on my low back before a workout.

Breathe Again Roll On - This is so soothing on the chest before  a workout as it really opens up your sinuses and makes breathing a breeze!

Sacred Frankincense - I love this essential oil before I begin my yoga practice - it is very inspiring and grounding.

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Don't Get Bit

Young Living's Insect Repellent is always in my arsenal of Spring, Summer and Fall products for all outdoor activities.

Using only the most natural ingredients + essential oils , this soothing lotion really protects me from all insect bites. 

There are no synthetic chemicals, no DEET and it is non greasy formula that goes on the skin beautifully.

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Time for Tea

Don't you just love the ritual of a nice aromatic cup of tea?

Young Living has 3 beautifully crafted steeped vitality teas of the highest quality.

Orange Rosehip Black tea - that I love in the morning - this tea comes with a bottle of Lemon Vitality essential oil.

Vanilla Lemongrass Green Tea - which is a super pick-me-up for the afternoon - this tea comes with an Orange Vitality essential oil.

Spiced Tumeric Herbal Tea - that I love before bedtime - this tea comes with a Tangerine Vitality essential oil.

I know your gonna love them!

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Smile Shiny Bright

One of the best products lines  to fall in love with in Young Living once your are ready to clean out all your bathroom cabinets is Thieves Oral Care.


The Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash will make you feel so refreshed you will never want to use maintstream mouthwash again.

2 fantastic options for toothpaste are Thieves Whitening Toothpaste and Thieves Aromabright.

You can't go wrong with either one - they taste great + your breath will love you for it!


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Spread Your Love

Do you have a friend that would benefit from becoming a Young Living member?

Do you want to share your love of Young Living with others?

Do you know anyone looking to make a change by living a clean lifestyle?

With your own personal link you can easily share this with friends, family & acquaintances.

To access your code:

Log - in to your virtual office.

Look under Member Resources for Link Builder.

Copy the Link.

Paste into a link shortener like to create a short link.

Save this link on your phone and write it here so it's always ready to share.

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Box of Wellness

Young Living's member loyalty program is called Essential Rewards.

This is the best thing I enrolled in as I earn so many free products all while creating a toxin free healthy lifestyle.

Super convenient- as everything is shipped to your door.

Customize your order each month.

Exclusive FREE PRODUCTS from monthly promotions.

Points back fro every dollar you spend.

Access to special ER only kits.

10%  months 1-3

20 %   months 4-24

25 %  months 25 +

The minimum monthly order only needs to be 50 PV


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Make the Switch

Even though I was introduced to Young Living with the Essential Oils it was not until I started using the Thieves Household Cleaner that I was compelled to get rid of all the toxic products in my home.

You see, after you use this cleaner your home smells amazing and you feel so good while you are cleaning.

The fresh clean scent of clove, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary just elevates your mood and makes you want to clean + never smell chemicals again.

So - I took inventory of everything I had and removed it while replacing all of my personal care items with the entire Thieves product line.

I made the choice to fully embrace the Young Living lifestyle!

So when anyone comes into my home they tell it smells better than any spa!


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Why I Share

For me , the decision to share the Young Living wellness products with everyone i come in contact with begins with one word - Belief.

I never feel that I have to convince someone to begin a lifestyle with these products as I know in my heart that as long as I introduced them - they need to make that choice.

Young Living products change lives and the business model can change people's future.

Here is why I share this amazing business model:

The career you create.

The freedom you enjoy.

The lives you touch.

The people you meet.

The places you see.

The causes you contribute to.

The person you become.

25 years strong.

A premier brand.

Low start - up cost.

The ability to become more.

Leave a legacy.

Life changing.

Create your own future.

Empower yourself.

World Class Products.

The fastest growing business model in the world today.

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Best Decision Ever

My career background at the time of being introduced to Young Living was co- owner of a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Although this was something that I was parting ways with- I began to search for a new passion and career that I could really embrace wholeheartedly.

I went on  to get my Real Estate License + had gone to school for Modern Interior Design for home staging + decorating.

Although these careers were potentially rewarding for me  - I knew I wanted something I could create on my own terms, build a life of freedom with , be able to work from anywhere + become an entrepreneur.

When I learned about the potential to build my own career in the  network marketing business with Young Living I was ecstatic.

Not only would I have the potential to earn an exponential income but I could build something for my financial future and create the life I want on my own terms.

After experiencing so many amazing results with the Young Living products I decided to have my first  Young Living gathering.

 I had so much passion to share these products and everyone that attended was so inspired to learn about Young Living Essential Oils.

Not too long after my first class I went to a Young Living corporate event near my home town as I had to learn more about this company.

This was such a rewarding event as I saw clearly what makes Young Living the global leader in essential oils.

From their seed to seal process , corporate - owned farms, partner farms, and their focus on sustainably sourced plants and the D. Gary Young Foundation I saw their highest standards of excellence.

After receiving my first commission check I took a close look at the Compensation Plan and decided to give this sharing opportunity 10 years of my life part - time. 

I said to myself : " I am going to commit to this network marketing business part-time for the next 10 years because I adore  the products and I respect the business model." 

Here I am today as a Platinum Leader and I have helped thousands of members on their wellness + sharing journey with Young Living.

I am so excited to wake up every day and share Young Living with people that want to change their lives for the better.

There is nothing better than living your life with wellness, purpose and abundance in all you do.

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Best Gift Ever

Greetings Everyone:

My Young Living wellness journey began in 2005 when my best friend in the whole world gave me a Young Living Premium Starter Kit with 12 Everyday Oil + a Young Living  Ultrasonic Home Diffuser.

Although health+ wellness had always been an integral part of my lifestyle I had never experienced products like these essential oils that brought incredible balance to my body, mind and spirit.

I was at a pivotal point in my life and on my way to making major life changes that would bring about much uncertainly, growth and transformation.

I fell in love with how each essential oil in that kit balanced, maintained + supported my body, mind + spirit.

Valor gave me strength + courage.

Peace & Calming helped experience deep sleep.

PanAway supported my tense muscles.

Raven supported my deep breathing.

Stress Away helped calm my emotions.

Citrus Fresh uplifted my spirits.

DiGize supported my digestive system.

Thieves supported my immune system.

Lavender helped me sleep so deeply.

Frankincense made my skin look so refreshed.

Lemon purified the air in my home so I could think clearly.

Peppermint helped me concentrate.

To this day - I am not only using the oils listed here + many other essential oil- infused products that bring joy and harmony to my everyday life.

Cheers to living healthy.

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